Thursday, May 6, 2010

Video Art

Ryan Trecartin

Typed up this artist in google to learn little about him before I blogged. I found myself on google images looking at colorful , makeup covered characters, portrayed by Ryan. A lot of these characters of his looked almost like clowns with their brightly painted faces and easily read expressions. I soon clicked open youtube and looked him up. After watching a few of his video works I could see that his work seemed to be very energetic stuff. Some of it just left me looking at the screen confused, but I guess thats what some artists want.

Pipilotti Rist

We viewed one or two of Rist's works in class. One of them being "I'm not The Girl Who Misses Much". If i remember correctly, we watched all or most of this video. The high pitched, fast forwarded video was a little bit creepy at some points, but did have a strange lure that kept me watching. The other Rist we watched was once again strange but entertaining. It was someone, pushing their face against a pane of glass, with the viewer behind the glass and seeing the smushed face sliding and pushing against the glass. A strange but very entertaining artist in my opinion.

The Residents

The first thing that I have to say about these guys is that they might be a bit off in the head. Other than that I can agree that what they were doing defiantly started a new type of art. We had viewed nothing like their short video clips in class prior. Not only does it seem like they had really helped to push video art into the light, they also made some of the first music videos, which we viewed in class. They might not be what you imagine when you think of a music video but regardless, thats what they made. Certainly an interesting group of artists.