Wednesday, April 21, 2010

T.V. Delivers People

This short video art piece was really quite interesting, and it make tons of sense. Every new paragraph as it rolled up screen got me thinking more about television in general. More looking at the structure of TV rather than the programs. When you look at TV from a different vantage point you can really see it true purpose in today's consumer society.
The music in the background, being very reminiscent of elevator music has a very settling affect. It is un-obstructive of the message being conveyed, but adds a very interesting affect to the piece as a whole. The message being pushed by the artist is that TV is a commercial and propaganda device. Everything on TV is specifically made to affect you, the viewer in such a way as to get you to buy a product. The TV show is just a cover for the real purpose. We like to think that commercials are the only advertisement we see but everything we watch is there for a purpose.

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